The Power of Performance: Theatre in Conflict Zones

October 24, 2013 // Lyric Theatre

bondstreettheatre_1Synopsis: In their talk, Joanna Sherman, Bond Street Theatre Artistic Director and Michael McGuigan, Bond Street Theatre Managing Director, presented a video-lecture exploring the impact and value of the expressive arts in areas of conflict. Their lecture showed how theatre-based practices are applied in different communities, with a specific focus on their work in Afghanistan. Their presentation introduced the idea of theatre as a useful tool for social improvement and bringing peace, and emphasizing why cross-cultural artistic conversations are crucial for mutual understanding.

Bio: Bond Street Theatre’s mission is to promote peace and mutual understanding through the arts. Founded in 1976, Bond Street Theatre initiates creative programming that inspires and educates youth, addresses human rights issues, heals communities affected by poverty and conflict, and promotes the value of the arts in shaping a peaceful future. The company responds to humanitarian crises through the uplifting powers of the arts. The company has initiated innovative theatre and theatre-based programs in over 40 countries worldwide, and reached populations in refugee camps, schools, shelters, prisons, rural villages and urban centers. The company uses theatre as a means to communicate across cultural borders, promote peace and mutual understanding, and stimulate others toward these ends through artistic exchange and creative partnerships. Bond Street believes that theatre inspires, informs, entertains, and empowers.


Radio Interview conducted by Lyusyena Kirakosyan (VTIPG postdoctoral research resident fellow), and Sarah Lyon-Hill (PGG)

Video Recording of Lecture

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