Frank Dukes – September 25th

Frank Dukes

The Clinch River Valley Initiative: How Talk Can Shape Community Action

How do we build relationships across the table?  To address that question, Community Voices will welcome Dr. Frank Dukes, Director of the Institute for Environmental Negotiation (IEN) at the University of Virginia on Wednesday, September 25, 2013. Frank Dukes will deliver a public talk, free and open to all, at the historic Lyric Theatre in downtown Blacksburg from 7- 8 PM.

Frank Dukes’ talk kicks off the Fall 2013 Community Voices series. During Fall 2013, Community Voices will advance its mission through a series of activities focused on the issue of poverty in the New River Valley region. Community Voices seeks to develop community capacity for civic dialogue that generates ideas for positive change, ideas that matter.

In his talk, Dukes will share his experiences working with deeply divided communities seeking to address problems involving economic and social justice, income inequality, contaminated water, toxic communities, and the looming impacts of global warming.

Dr. Dukes’ talk will feature one such success story, an effort to integrate economy and environment, the “Clinch River Valley Initiative,” where residents of all affiliations are finding ways to create meaningful impacts for themselves and their communities.

Frank Dukes has worked as a mediator at local, state, and federal levels on projects involving community development, education, and health, environment and land use, with a particular emphasis on the Appalachian coalfields and Chesapeake Bay watershed regions.  Dr. Dukes designs dispute resolution and public participation processes, mediates and facilitates, teaches and trains, and conducts research.  He is the winner of the 2012 Sharon M. Pickett Award for Environmental Conflict Resolution, presented by the Association for Conflict Resolution.

Sponsors of this Community Voices Series include the Virginia Tech Institute for Policy & Governance and the Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology.

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