Pam McMichael – November 29th

Did Horton Hear a Who?
An Exploration of the Small and Mighty Voices of the Highlander Center Making Change for 80 Years

On Thursday, November 29, Community Voices will present Pam McMichael, Director of the Highlander Research and Education Center. Her Community Voices talk will be from 7-8 p.m. in the Historic Lyric Theatre in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Through stories spanning eight decades, McMichael’s presentation explores the power to make change through the extraordinary acts of everyday people connected to the Highlander Center. She reflects on the deep listening necessary to find, hear and amplify those community voices, and the challenges and opportunities for deep listening in our fast paced technology-filled world.

Pam McMichael first became associated with Highlander as a long-time activist and organizer in Louisville, Kentucky. For decades, McMichael’s organizing and cultural work have focused on connecting people and issues across difficult divides, with particular emphasis on helping to build a strong and racially just movement. She has co-founded local, state and regional organizations with this core strategy, including Southerners on New Ground, where she served as co-director for 8 years. She was a national fellow with a Rockefeller Foundation leadership project to address the growing crisis in U.S. democracy. Her extensive nonprofit management experience includes social change and social service organizations.

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